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Scottish Championships 2017East Lothian, 20/21 May

This year’s Scottish Orienteering Championships were close to home. ESOC, along with TAY, presented the Individual event at Gullane, Archerfield & Yellowcraig, with the Relay at Binning Wood the next day. Many ESOC members were busy helping, but still had some excellent runs, with five trophy winners at the Individual event and three podium places at the Relay.

The Individual event took place on Saturday 20 May centred on Gullane Dunes, with parking and assembly at Archerfield. There were 2 senior starts, with the longest courses starting at Yellowcraig, linked to Gullane Dunes by a very narrow coastal strip, and other senior courses starting further west in the main dunes area. All senior courses finished near the western start. The terrain included open complex dunes, flatter tussock, mature pine woods and complicated paths through thick sea buckthorn scrub. The coastline itself had some rocky sections and beaches. Much of the area is fairly flat, though with intricate contours in the dunes.
The White and Yellow courses stayed in Archerfield Estate, starting close to assembly. The Archerfield terrain is mostly open parkland, with some woods, a few ponds, and a good network of paths and tracks.
The weather was unfortunately wet most of the time, with heavy showers, and even when it wasn’t raining, everyone was soon well-drenched from the wet vegetation.

Congratulations to the ESOC trophy winners: Rachel Brown (W14), Maggie Scrugham (W55), Margaret Dalgleish (W65), Janet Clark (W75) and Jim Clark (M80).

Other ESOC members in the top half of the results for their class were:
M10B (4 competitors) – Calum Robertson 1st
M18S (1) – Ben Brown 1st
M45S (5) – Michael McPhillips 3rd
M50S (10) – Finlay Ross 2nd
M60L (27) – Crawford Lindsay 12th, Dave Nisbet 14th
M60S (6) – Alistair Armitage 2nd
M65L (18) – Les Dalgleish 7th
M70L (15) – Roger Scrutton 6th
W12A (15) – Maja Robertson 6th
W21E (16) – Rona Lindsay 7th
W45S (9) – Judy Bell 2nd, Leonne Hutchinson 3rd, Hanne Robertson 4th
W50L (20) – Helena Nolan 5th
W60L (21) – Janice Nisbet 8th, Sally Lindsay 11th
W65L (13) – Mary Williams 2nd
W70L (10) – Eleanor Pyrah 5th

Full results and other details are available on the 2017 Scottish Championships Individual page of the Scottish Orienteering Association website.

The Scottish Inter-Club Championship (SICC) 2017 was held in conjunction with the Individual Championships, and ESOC came joint 2nd (with MAROC) in the Large Clubs category.

The Relay event was on Sunday 21 May, a little further east at Binning Wood, between North Berwick and Dunbar. Assembly was in a field on the south side of the wood. The terrain was flat, with a network of paths and rides radiating out from large clearings. Recent rhododendron clearance had left brashings in many areas, and there were still some dense thickets. Courses left the woods for a final loop on open ground, running past the assembly area and over a low craggy ridge before descending to the finish, giving good views to spectators.
The weather stayed fine and warm, though there were a few spots of rain, and it was very windy.

ESOC had 10 competitive teams, with podium finishes in Women's Open, Handicap 20+ and Junior 36-. ESOC results were as follows:
Women’s Open (11 teams)
ESOC Jedi 3rd (Rona Lindsay, Bex Harding, Laura Robertson)
Handicap 8+ (11 teams)
ESOC Bantha Fodder 7th (Andrew Lindsay, Craig Nolan, Helena Nolan)
Handicap 20+ (28 teams)
ESOC Landspeeders 3rd (Dave Kershaw, Maggie Scrugham, Crawford Lindsay)
ESOC Sith Lords 4th (Alastair Lessells, Roger Garnett, Dave Nisbet)
ESOC X-Wings 5th (Margaret Dalgleish, Roger Scrutton, Jim Martin)
ESOC Yoda 11th (Eleanor Pyrah, Hanne Robertson, Terry Johnstone)
ESOC Naboo 17th (Katy Lessells, Leonne Hutchinson, Mark Kassyk)
ESOC Rebels mp (Janice Nisbet, Mary Williams, Keith Brown)
Junior 44- (19 teams)
ESOC Storm Troopers 9th (Rachel Brown, Jamie Lawlor, Ben Brown)
Junior 36- (12 teams)
ESOC Ewoks 3rd (Megan Brown, Joseph Lawlor, Maja Robertson)
ESOC Gungans n/c (Calum Robertson, Rowan Lawlor, Paul Lawlor)

Full results and other details are available on the 2017 Scottish Championships Relay page of the Scottish Orienteering Association website.

Some photos from the weekend are available here:

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