Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Scottish Championships 2019Dalbeattie Forest / Drumlanrig Woods 25/26 May

The West Area clubs organised the 2019 Scottish Orienteering Championships. The Individual event was at Dalbeattie Forest, and the Relay event was at Drumlanrig. There was a good turnout from ESOC, with results including 4 Scottish champions and several other podium places.

The Individual event was on Saturday 25 May, at Dalbeattie Forest, on the S edge of Dalbeattie, in Dumfries and Galloway. The forest is mostly coniferous, with some deciduous areas, and there are lots of rock features including some old granite quarries, plenty of contour detail, and many paths and tracks. The longer courses also included rough open land to the E, where there were small hills and gorse bushes, and the longest courses ventured further south into conifer plantations on Moyle Hill. The woods are often quite dense, and very rough, and there were some long times and more retirals than usual. The weather was dull, with showers turning to persistent rain later on.

Congratulations to ESOC’s trophy winners: Rachel Brown (W16), Janice Nisbet (W65), Anne Stevenson (W70) and Eleanor Pyrah (W75).

Other ESOC members in the top half of the results for their class were:
M10A (5 competitors) – Calum Robertson 3rd
M21E (12) – Andrew Lindsay 5th
M45L (18) – Peter O’Hara 3rd
M50S (9) – Finlay Ross 2nd
M55S (7) – Keith Brown 2nd
M60L (19) – Crawford Lindsay 10th
M60S (7) – Alistair Armitage 3rd
M65L (21) – Peter Halling 8th
M70L (20) – Roger Scrutton 10th
M70S (4) – Malcolm Mahony 2nd
W21E (14) – Sarah Jones 3rd
W21S (5) – Juliette Maire 2nd
W50L (17) – Leonne Hutchinson 9th
W50S (8) – Judy Bell 2nd
W55L (21) – Alison Cunningham 6th
W60L (15) – Maggie Scrugham 3rd, Sally Lindsay 6th
W65L (12) – Mary Williams 3rd, Margaret Dalgleish 5th, Rhona Fraser 6th
W70L (14) – Katy Lessells 7th

The Relay event on Sunday 26 May was further north, at Drumlanrig Woods, on the estate of Drumlanrig Castle, near Thornhill. The main drive gave a good view of the castle itself, and there was a walk from parking to the Assembly area, a field in a valley in the middle of the forest. The terrain was very hilly and the forest was mixed, with some beautiful deciduous sections but also fallen trees and dense patches. The courses had butterfly loops, and a spectator control towards the end.
The weather was better than expected, with just a few light showers, and sunshine much of the time.

ESOC had 10 competitive teams, with 3 podium finishes:
Men’s Open (6 teams)
ESOC Oich 4th (Richard Purkis, Craig Nolan, Andrew Lindsay)
Women’s Open (8 teams)
ESOC Rannoch 2nd (Laura Robertson, Rona Lindsay, Sarah Jones)
Age-class: 14+ (17 teams)
ESOC Achray 3rd (Peter O’Hara, Rachel Brown, Keith Brown)
Age-class: 17+ (15 teams)
ESOC Morlich 1st (Alison Cunningham, Helena Nolan, Ben Brown)
Age-class: 20+ (25 teams)
ESOC Rusky 6th (Sally Lindsay, John McLaren, Jonathan Ellis)
ESOC Doon 7th (Les Dalgleish, Roger Garnett, Crawford Lindsay)
ESOC Lochy 10th (Judy Bell, Leonne Hutchinson, Alastair Lessells)
ESOC Tummel 16th (Margaret Dalgleish, Katy Lessells, Roger Scrutton)
ESOC Insh 24th (Ann Thom, Christine Mahony, Mark Kassyk)
Junior 44- (11 teams)
ESOC Ore 10th (Jamie Lawlor, Tom Tynan, Joseph Lawlor)

Also, in the Junior 36- class, Megan Brown ran 1st leg in team RRESOC with Seb Darlow and Ellie Darlow from RR, coming 3rd.

Full results, including Routegadget, are available here.
There are some photos from the Individual event on the Solway Orienteers website, here.

The Scottish Inter-Club Championship (SICC) 2019 was held in conjunction with the Individual Championships, and ESOC came 2nd in the Large Clubs category. The full table of scores is included at the end of the 2019 Scottish Championships report on the Scottish Orienteering Association website.

The Individual event was the 9th in the 2019 UK Orienteering League. There are more details about the UKOL on the UK Orienteering League page of the British Orienteering website. There are more details about the UKOL, including the updated league tables, on the UK Orienteering League page of the British Orienteering website. ESOC is now 6th in the club league. The score for each club is calculated automatically from the 15 best club members' scores (across various age class groups) - so the club members whose scores are included change as the year goes on.

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