Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Scottish Score Championships 2016Palacerigg Country Park, 27 November

There was a fair turnout from ESOC for the Scottish Score Championships, and some trophy winners.

This year’s Scottish Score Championships event was organised by Ayrshire Orienteering Club, at Palacerigg Country Park (courtesy of STAG). Palacerigg Country Park is on high ground just to the SE of Cumbernauld, and has varied terrain including conifer plantation, deciduous woodland, heather moorland, and open tussocky areas, as well as some old quarry workings in the northern part of the map. There’s an extensive network of paths and tracks, some of which crossed the Out Of Bounds golf course. It was wet underfoot, and very boggy in places, with a few remnants of ice from the recent cold weather. The weather was dry and bright.

There were time limits of 70 minutes for M20-35 and W21, 40 minutes for M/W14 and below, and 60 minutes for everyone else. There were also some colour-coded courses. The 70 minute and 60 minute courses had 30 controls each (different sets), spread throughout the map, and it was hard to decide where to go first – people headed off in all directions.

The ESOC winners were:
Andrew Lindsay (M21)
Ian Pyrah (M70)
Jim Clark (M80)
Rachel Brown (W14)
Rona Lindsay (W21)
Heather Thomson (W40)
Eleanor Pyrah (W70)
Janet Clark (W75)

The full results are here, and Routegadget is here.

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