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Scottish Score Championships 2022Cumbernauld, 6 November

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STAG organised the 2022 Scottish Score Championships, which saw a fair turnout, and seven new Scottish champions, from ESOC. 

The 2022 Scottish Score Championships event was hosted by STAG, on an area combining Kildrum Estate, Cumbernauld House Park, Crow Wood and Cumbernauld Glen, at the NE end of Cumbernauld. This gave a great variety of terrain: modern housing estate, open parkland, rough open, and woodland with variable undergrowth. There were paths throughout the area, which was split by the railway line and 2 streams, as well as out-of-bounds areas on steep slopes - deciding where to go was quite challenging. The map scale was 1:4,000, so the map was large, and it was double-sided too!
After a very wet start on the journey to the event, the weather improved to a fine sunny day. Underfoot conditions were mostly quite wet.

There were time limits of 70 minutes for M20-35 and W21, 40 minutes for M/W14 and below, and 60 minutes for everyone else.

The ESOC trophy winners were:
Richard Oxlade (M60)
Emma Daley (W10)
Maja Robertson (W16)
Alison O’Neil (W21)
Sally Lindsay (W65)
Margaret Dalgleish (W70)
Eleanor Pyrah (W75)

Full results and other details about the event are available on the Scottish Score 2022 event page on the STAG website. This includes Routegadget, particularly interesting for a score event as it shows which controls people visited.

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