Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Scottish Score Championships - Pitmedden Forest - 22 November 2009

Many ESOC members went to the 2009 Scottish Score Championships, with trophies for some.

Lying on the hills south east of Perth, Pitmedden is a Forestry Commission wood with some open fields giving good views to the north. There’s a network of paths, including a few large tracks and many confusing mountain bike tracks. The forest was very wet underfoot, but fortunately the weather was mostly dry, with blue skies early on and a few showers later.

ESOC trophy winners were:
Andrew Lindsay (M16), Alastair Lessells (M60), Jim Clark (M70), Bill Gauld (M75),
Rona Lindsay (W16), Janice Nisbet (W55), Eleanor Pyrah (W65)

The full results are here.
Routegadget is here:
A course
B course
C course