Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Scottish Score Championships - Stirling University, 27 November 2011

There was a good turnout of ESOC regulars at the 2011 Scottish Score Championships.

This year’s Scottish Score event was organised by FVO, at Stirling University and Hermitage Woods. The terrain was varied, with everything from fast running in the open campus area, through steep woodland with some thick undergrowth, to open moorland beyond. There were time limits of 70 minutes for M20-35 and W21, 40 minutes for M/W14 and below, and 60 minutes for everyone else. There were also colour-coded courses available.

Congratulations to the ESOC trophy winners:
Rehan Mackenzie (M18)
Ian Pyrah (M65)
Jim Clark (M75)
Eleanor Pyrah (W65)
Janet Clark (W70)
There were also lots of near misses – all the following came 2nd:
Andrew Dalgleish (M21), Alistair Hindle (M35), Dave Kershaw (M60), Bill Gauld (M75), Helena Nolan (W45), Margaret Dalgleish (W55), Anne Thom (W60).

See the Scottish Score Championships page on the FVO website for full results and Routegadget.

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