Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Scottish Spring 2019Fife, 13-14 April

This weekend of events was presented by Masterplan Adventure, and included the fifth race in the 2019 Scottish Orienteering Urban League and also the third Scottish Orienteering League event. There were plenty of ESOC competitors there, many of them helping.

The first event of the weekend was a Middle Distance race, in the afternoon of Saturday 13 April, at Tentsmuir South, on the Fife coast north of St Andrews. Tentsmuir is a large area of plantation forest with a network of tracks and paths. The coastal fringe has complex contour detail on forested dunes, and the courses zig-zagged through this. The weather was sunny, with a cool breeze, and underfoot conditions were dry and sandy.

ESOC results in the top half were:
Brown (69 competitors) – Richard Purkis 17th, Andrew Lindsay 22nd=
Blue (98) – Sarah Jones 4th, Alistair Hindle 19th, Rona Lindsay 33rd, Keith Brown 37th, Mark Wood 45th
Green (93) – Rachel Brown 1st, Alastair Lessells 14th, Maggie Scrugham 16th, Roger Garnett 19th, Janice Nisbet 20th, Roger Scrutton 22nd, Margaret Dalgleish 37th, Sally Lindsay 47th
Light Green (23) – Maja Robertson 9th
Orange (16) – Megan Brown 8th
Yellow (8) – Calum Robertson 3rd
White (11) – Robbie Martin 5th

SOUL 5 was a Sprint race, which took place in the early evening on Saturday, in Falkland village, at the northeastern foot of the Lomond Hills. The start was just inside the gateway to Falkland Palace, and quick thinking was needed from the very first moment, with controls coming thick and fast around the palace grounds, following by a few in the village before finishing back in front of the palace. The weather remained fine, though chilly in the wind.

ESOC results in the top half were:
M Open (34 competitors) – Ben Brown 12th, Richard Purkis 14th, Andrew Lindsay 17th
W Open (31) – Laura Robertson 1st, Sarah Jones 2nd
M Vet (31) – Mark Wood 11th, Alistair Hindle 12th
W Vet (26) – Hanne Robertson 8th
M Supervet (30) – Keith Brown 6th
W Supervet (19) – Sally Lindsay 5th
M Ultravet (20) – Martin Caldwell 3rd, Les Dalgleish 9th, Alastair Lessells 10th
W Ultravet (12) – Mary Williams 1st, Janice Nisbet 3rd, Rhona Fraser 6th
M Hypervet (4) – Ian Pyrah 1st
W Hypervet (6) – Eleanor Pyrah 1st
W Junior (16) – Rachel Brown 1st, Maja Robertson 8th
W Young Junior (9) – Megan Brown 2nd

Scottish Orienteering Urban League details, including the latest league tables, are on the SOUL page of the SOA website.

On Sunday 14 April, SOL 3 was at Falkland Estate, just to the west of Falkland. Most of the area was a new map, and included open forest with thick heather and blueberry, some steep slopes, and open tussocky hill terrain. There were complex contours in places, and some serious undergrowth. All courses except White and Yellow had a long walk to the start. The weather was cloudy and cool at first, but still dry, and the sun came out later on.

ESOC results in the top half were:
Brown (35) – Sarah Jones 5th
Short Brown (31) – Peter O’Hara 13th
Blue (79) – Keith Brown 28th, Finlay Ross 34th
Short Blue (46) – Peter Halling 3rd
Green (72) – Rachel Brown 1st, Alastair Lessells 16th, Maggie Scrugham 19th, Roger Scrutton 25th, Leonne Hutchinson 29th
Short Green (53) – Janice Nisbet 3rd, Margaret Dalgleish 5th, Mary Williams 6th, Ian Pyrah 11th, Jamie Lawlor 14th, Bill Gauld 19th, Eleanor Pyrah 22nd, Fiona Findlay 24th
Light Green (22) – Maja Robertson 11th
Yellow (15) – Calum Robertson 5th

Details of all the events in this year’s Scottish Orienteering League are on the SOL page of the Scottish Orienteering website.

Full results for the weekend, plus other information, are available on the Scottish Spring page of the Masterplan Adventure website.
All 3 events were part of the UK Elite Orienteering League – see the UK Elite Orienteering League website for full details.

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