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Scottish Sprint Championships 2022Dundee, Sunday 20 March

The second day of the 2022 Sprint Scotland weekend was the Scottish Sprint Championships and also the fifth event in this year’s Scottish Orienteering Urban League. 

Sprint Scotland 2022 was organised by Masterplan Adventure. The Sunday event was held at Balgay Park, a little further east than the previous day’s races. This area has steep woodland in the west, and a steep housing estate in the east, with many staircases, pathways and fences. The start was high up the hill, near the Mills Observatory, and courses snaked down and around the slopes.

There were 4 ESOC winners in the Scottish Sprint Championships:
Keith Brown (M60)
Helen Bridle (W35)
Margaret Dalgleish (W70)
Eleanor Pyrah (W75)

The full list of Scottish Sprint Champions is included in the Scottish Sprint 2022 news item on the SOA website.

Other ESOC results in the top half of their age category were:
W Supervet (19 competitors) – Alison Cunningham 2nd, Helena Nolan 8th
W Ultravet (11) – Mary Williams 4th
M Hypervet (9) – Ian Pyrah 4th

Results, Routegadget and other details about the event are on the Sprint Scotland 2022 website.

This event was the 5th in the 2022 Scottish Orienteering Urban League. The SOUL 2022 league tables are here.

It was also event 4 in the 2022 UK Urban League. The league tables for 2022 are avaialble here.

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