Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Scottish Sprint Championships 2023Kirkintilloch, 2 April

ESOC had 2 class winners and lots of medallists at the Scottish Sprint Championships, which was organised by Clydeside Orienteers. It was also the fifth event in this year’s Scottish Orienteering Urban League. 

The 2023 Scottish Sprint Championships was a single race on a new map of the Harestanes area in Kirkintilloch, with the event centre at Hillhead Community Centre. The start was a short distance to the east, and the terrain was a mix of residential streets, with paths and some green open spaces, mostly flat. The weather was fine, though cloudy.

There were 2 Scottish Champions from ESOC:
Martin Caldwell – M Ultravet
Janice Nisbet – W Ultravet

Other ESOC medallists were:
Calum Robertson – silver, M14
Olly Simmers – bronze, M16
Maja Robertson – bronze, W18
Rachel Brown (running as EUOC) – silver, W Open
Helena Nolan – silver, W Supervet
Crawford Lindsay – silver, M Ultravet
Sally Lindsay – bronze, W Ultravet
Ian Pyrah – silver, M Hypervet
Eleanor Pyrah – silver, W Hypervet

And other ESOC results in the top half of their class were:
M Open (29 competitors) – Simon Gregersen 9th, Donald Slater 15th
W Open (21) – Helen Bridle 5th, Sabine Oechsner 10th
M Vet (18) – Luigi Lerose 9th
M Supervet (22) – Keith Brown 7th
W Ultravet (11) – Rhona Fraser 5th
M14 (8) – Tom Uutela 4th

After the Scottish Sprint race, there was an Urban race, on a larger map covering the same area plus housing estates further south and Merkland Nature Reserve.
ESOC results in the top half were:
Long (27 competitors) – Simon Gregersen 1st, Donald Slater 5th, Alistair Black 6th
Middle (37) – Luigi Lerose 4th, Keith Brown 5th, Sabine Oechsner 10th, Helen Bridle 12th, Martin Caldwell 16th
Short (36) – Hanne Robertson 12th, David Robertson 15th

Full results from both races are available on the Scottish Sprint Championships event page of the CLYDE website.

For a list of all this year’s Scottish Orienteering Urban League events, see the SOUL page of the Scottish Orienteering Association website. The latest league tables are here.

This event was the fourth in the 2023 Scottish Inter-Club Championships. After this event, ESOC was lying 2nd in the Large Clubs division, and moved up to 2nd in Junior Large Clubs. For further details and the league tables after four events, plus some photos from the Scottish Sprint prizegiving, see this news item on the Scottish Orienteering website.

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