Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

September Social 2014Monday 1 September

An "Only Connect" themed run around Currie.

Much fun was had at this social in Currie. There were 16 controls to find, each with a word associated (those on the short course had 12 controls and were given the other 4 words), then we simply had to connect the words into meaningful groups of four, like the wall on the TV show “Only Connect”.
Here’s the solution:

Boil Bake Roast Grill Cooking methods
Fry Barker Forsyth Paxman TV presenters
Poach Rob Steal Pinch Words for thieving
Thorn Shout Seat Stew Points of the compass (anagrams)

Many thanks to Jackie and Martin Caldwell for a very enjoyable evening and lots of delicious homemade bread!

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