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September Social 2018Monday 3 September

Plenty of music and food to round off this '70s-music-themed social.

The photo on the home page sums up how much fun this event was! More photos below.

Ewart Scott reports:
"A group, perhaps smaller than expected, gathered at the Clark household for the 70s themed evening. Amongst other things, our hosts had particularly nice hair pieces and suitably fetching attire. The map too had some images of the 70s dress code.
Graeme Ackland had kindly extended the urban map further south to include more of Newington and the Prestonfield area, retro drawn with magnetic north lines from the time!
A guide to the evening’s run was made available, especially useful to newcomers to urban maps and giving an indication of the course and points scoring system. (In part a good topic for a technical item in Capital-O.)
The rain persisted for most of the day, not quite following the forecast, but certainly didn’t dampen the enthusiasm to get going. At the massed start, there was a slight blockage at the garden gate and route choices of left or right immediately taken. It was evident then who the high scorers would be from that initial decision.
Little laminated tags with motivational messages or the name of bands of the era and a mobile control handing out medallions were the controls for the 60 minutes and we were give dire warnings about the penalties if over time. Simply, it wasn’t worth it.
A child of the '50s, I confess I’d never heard of Fleetwood Mac, Abba, The Jackson 5, Sister Sledge or The O’Jays! Several rumours suggest it I didn’t hear much in the '70s.
On return, Walter timed everyone in by marking their score sheet, then giving it back to self complete and score. Clearly honesty was in abundance. The numbers had swollen and we were well treated with food and refreshments plus appropriate background music while the results were checked, scrutinised and rechecked before the prize giving.


1st: Mark Rowe - 1,280 (1,220 from controls + 60 from 70s stars)
2nd: Alison Cunningham - 1,270 (1,200 from controls + 70 from 70s stars)
3rd: Will Muir - 1,150 (1,130 from controls + 20 from 70s stars)
4th: Martin Caldwell - 1,140 (1,070 from controls + 70 from 70s stars)
5th: Elspeth Bleakley - 1,120 (1,060 from controls + 60 from 70s stars)
6th: Janice Nisbet - 880 ( 840 from controls + 40 from 70s stars)

Best dressed - Alison Cunningham

Close up of MAP EXTRACT

The points system was:
- up to 1,500 points for the controls - mix of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 point controls
- 10 points per 70s star - 10 of these out there at random controls - otherwise inspiring running/orienteering quotes (worth zero)
- 100 points per ESOC medallion - only Anne and Bill Stevenson got the “roving” control or picked up a medallion left at one of the controls.

Being a '70s theme, three of us there who were in ESOC then had a group photo wearing our clothing from the period. You can’t beat an original ESOC jacket, even although the modern ones are pretty cool. Other photos were taken and even more hair pieces appeared.
Thanks to the Clark family for hosting another fun evening."

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