Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

September Social 2022Peebles, Tuesday 27 September

River Tweed at Peebles
River Tweed at Peebles
Credit: Crawford Lindsay

Martin Quirke reports on another enjoyable social.

Martin Quirke (the orienteering planner) reports:
"A bit like last month’s ESOC social, entries rapidly increased in the day or two before the event – so thankfully we’d printed enough spare maps. Although we had planned a Turf event and orienteering course, the preference for orienteering was so strong that we decided not to run the Turf event after all.

The orienteers had up to an hour to visit as many of 36 controls as they could. These were scattered around central Peebles. Some controls were lamp posts where competitors needed to record the number on lamp post. Other controls were marked by red and white tape with royal-themed words written them which also needed to be recorded, e.g. Corgi, Queen, William. Each correct answer was worth 10 points. However, the penalty for late return was 10 points for every minute late, or part thereof, over the one-hour time limit.

Everyone gathered afterwards in the Neidpath Inn, for a beverage and chat.
Results were close in a few places. Both the overall winner, Walter Clark, and second place Mark Rowe achieved the same score (310 points). However, Walter took the win by virtue of being back to Start/Finish around 90 seconds quicker. Similarly, in the female race, Karena Hanley (210 points) pipped Hanne Robertson on time after their scores were equalled when Hanne’s slightly late return cost her 20 points (of her 230 total).

I provided a range prize for the winners, and spot prize for the members who had travelled the further, and a smaller prize for everyone as a thanks for time and effort taken to come along. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves – even the folk who had the extra challenge of competing without a head torch!"

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