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SOL 3 - 2013Clunie, 28 April

The third event in this year’s Scottish Orienteering League was jointly organised by ESOC and STAG, and had a great ESOC turnout.

SOL 3 was on a new map, above the River Tummel near Pitlochry. Longer courses had a remote start and finish - the terrain was mostly rough hillside, with woodland at lower levels, and many parallel marshes and streams, some in deep valleys. The lower ground nearer the river, at the end of the longer courses, had a lot of intricate contour detail. The less technical courses started and finished much nearer the assembly area and took competitors round the back of a small hill.
The weather was changeable, and there were a few showers throughout the day.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
Brown (29 competitors) – Andrew Lindsay 3rd, Ray Ward 12th
Short Brown (25) – Clive Masson 8th
Blue (67) – Walter Clark 12th, Heather Thomson 32nd, Finlay Ross 34th
Short Blue (48) – Claire Ward 1st, Gemma Karatay 2nd, Alison Cunningham 5th, Alastair Lessells 6th, Rachel Fawthrop 12th, Roger Scrutton 13th
Green (46) – Janice Nisbet 10th, Margaret Dalgleish 13th
Short Green (23) – Jim Clark 6th, Fiona Findlay 7th, Eleanor Pyrah 8th, Bill Stevenson 10th, Clare Williams 12th
Orange (27) – Kerry Wood 11th, Lucie Duffy 12th, Ben Brown 13th
Yellow (8) – Rachel Brown 4th
White (13) – Rory Stobie (+1) 4th, Jared Stobie 5th, Megan Brown (+1) 6th

Full results from the event are available in the 2013 ESOC Results Archive.

The 2013 SOL tables can be found in the SOL Results Archive on the Scottish Orienteering website.

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