Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

SOL 6 - 2012Fairy Knowe & Doon Hill, 21 October

The penultimate event in the 2012 Scottish Orienteering League was organised by CLYDE in Aberfoyle, and turned out to be very rough and tough.

Fairy Knowe and Doon Hill is to the south of Aberfoyle, and is mostly a working plantation – unfortunately very recent working had caused devastation in some areas, with deep muddy tracks and much debris. This was somewhat challenging, and there were more retirals than usual, as well as some very long times. The eastern part, at the end of most courses, was a complete contrast - ancient oak wood, and much more pleasant underfoot. Everywhere was quite wet, although the weather on the day was sunny and quite warm.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
Brown (24 competitors) – Andrew Lindsay 2nd, Helen Bridle 7th, Craig Nolan 11th
Blue (52) – Walter Clark 8th, Heather Thomson 20th, Crawford Lindsay 25th
Short Blue (35) – Alison Cunningham 3rd, Maggie Scrugham 5th, Sally Lindsay 13th,
Green (52) – Janice Nisbet 8th, Bill Stevenson 19th, Margaret Dalgleish 21st
Short Green (22) – Eleanor Pyrah 11th
Orange (22) – Kerry Wood 4th
Yellow (11) – Rachel Brown 4th

Full results, comments and Routegadget are available on the CLYDE website.

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