Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

SOL2 - 2012Dalbeattie Town Wood, 14 April

The second event in the 2012 Scottish Orienteering League was hosted by SOLWAY, with a good ESOC attendance despite the forest’s tough reputation.

Dalbeattie Town Wood is a mature plantation forest, with a network of paths and tracks, and many small hills and rock features. Extensive forestry operations in the last few years have created extraction lanes and left a lot of brashings, leading to rough going. Underfoot conditions were quite wet and muddy in places. The weather was fine, and sunny much of the time.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
Brown (15 competitors) – Andrew Lindsay 7th
Blue (56) – Peter O’Hara 12th, Roger Garnett 26th
Short Blue (26) – Alastair Lessells 8th, Ian Pyrah 13th
Green (43) – Rona Lindsay 1st, Janice Nisbet 4th, Helena Nolan 5th, Margaret Dalgleish 18th, Fiona Findlay 20th
Short Green (16) – Eleanor Pyrah 3rd, Jim Clark 8th

Full results and further details including Routegadget are available on the SOLWAY website.

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