Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

SOL2, Dalbeattie Town Wood - 25 April 2010

The second event in the 2010 Scottish Orienteering League was hosted by SOLWAY, with a good ESOC turnout and some great results.

Dalbeattie Town Wood is a mature plantation forest, with a good network of tracks, and many small hills and crags. It has unfortunately suffered from a lot of forestry work recently, which has created extraction lanes and left brashings more-or-less everywhere in the forest, leading to very challenging underfoot conditions for most courses. The weather was dull, with some showers.

ESOC results in the top half were:
Brown (15 competitors) – Ray Ward 5th
Short Brown (24) – Claire Ward 5th, Mike Stewart 11th
Blue (46) – Andrew Lindsay 3rd; Craig Nolan 10th, Crawford Lindsay 17th, Helena Nolan 21st, Bill Stevenson 23rd
Short Blue (27) – Alison Cunningham 5th, Janice Nisbet 6th
Green (32) – Rona Lindsay 1st, Mary Williams 9th
Short Green (18) – Eleanor Pyrah 3rd, Clare Williams 5th, Janet Clark 8th
Light Green (21) – Jamie Cunningham 3rd, Gavin Williams 7th

Full results are available here.