Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

SOL5 - 2009Coull, Aboyne - 10 October

ESOC was well-represented at the Saturday event of the Autumn in Aberdeenshire weekend (2 Scottish Orienteering League events back-to-back).

This MAROC event was in a newly remapped area, near Aboyne, that was last used for orienteering over 15 years ago. It’s a technical area of forested hills, with lots of features and contour detail, especially in the southern part – courses made the most of these. The weather was dull but dry, with very little wind, and some sun later in the day.
Most people were staying for SOL6 the next day, so there was lots of sociable post-event chat in the car park.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
Blue (62 finishers) – Andrew Lindsay 5th, Finlay Ross 15th, Helena Nolan 16th, Roger Scrutton 28th, Dave Kershaw 29th
Short Blue (41) – Alison Cunningham 14th
Green (51) – Rona Lindsay 1st, Mary Williams 11th, Jim Clark 26th
Short Green (25) – Janet Clark 3rd
Light Green (32) – Craig Nolan 3rd, Jamie Cunningham 15th, Adam Hunter 16th
Orange (27) – Jack Conway 7th

Simple results and splits are available in the MAROC results archive, and Routegadget can be found on the MAROC Routegadget Events List.

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