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SoSOL 1, 2024Dalkeith Park, 10 March

Dalkeith Palace
Dalkeith Palace
Credit: Crawford Lindsay

The first South of Scotland Orienteering League event of the year was organised by ESOC and saw a great turnout from the club, with many helping as well as competing.

Dalkeith Park is a few miles SE of Edinburgh. It’s an old country estate whose terrain includes a mixture of open parkland, fields, and woodland, with an extensive network of paths and tracks. The North and South Esk rivers run through the park, in steep-sided valleys, but otherwise the area is fairly flat, with fast running despite undergrowth in places. The Old Oak Wood, in the north between the two rivers, is closed at the moment, so courses covered the west and south of the park, with the main start and finish just a short walk from parking, over the imposing Montagu Bridge.

Additional entertainment was provided by a maze set up by David Robertson.

It was a rather dreich day – dull and damp, but underfoot conditions were generally quite good.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:

  • Blue (44 competitors) – Luigi Lerose 4th, Calum Davis 12th, Mark Rowe 14th=, 1st, Crawford Lindsay 6th
  • Green (47) – Tim Westmoreland 6th, Robert Wyllie 7th, Finlay Ross 15th, Emma Anderson 17th, Les Dalgleish 20th, Tate Woodhouse 21st, Alison Harding 22nd, Nick Hepworth 24th
  • Short Green (16) – Margaret Dalgleish 1st, Sam Baker 2nd, Sally Lindsay 4th, Catherine MacColl 8th
  • Light Green (14) – William Atkinson 5th, Alexis Gow 6th, Helen Woollven 7th
  • Orange (19) – Rachael Imrie 4th, Amelie Vernon 6th, Adam Rowe 7th, Catherine Rowe 8th, Carolyn Dyson 9th, Karin Lyall 10th
  • Yellow (12) – Michael Cobb 5th

Further details about the event, plus full results, are available on the Dalkeith Park SoSOL page of this website.

Further details about the South of Scotland Orienteering League, including the league tables, are on the SoSOL page of the East of Scotland Orienteering Association website.

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