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SoSOL3 - 2009/10Gullane Dunes, 7 March

Huge numbers of people went to the final event of this busy weekend, including many ESOC members.

The third South of Scotland Orienteering League event of 2010 was organised by ELO, and took place on the East Lothian coast at Gullane. The area includes open complex dunes, mature pine woods and complicated paths through thick scrub, with some challenging navigation. Felling has changed part of the area quite dramatically in the last couple of years. The weather remained bright and dry, and there were some very fast runs.
The original SoSOL3 was to be held at Dalguise, near Dunkeld, but had to be postponed due to snow.

ESOC competitors in the top half of the results were:
Brown (63 competitors) – Andrew Dalgleish 10th
Blue (94) – Mark Wood 11th, Craig Nolan 16th, Andrew Lindsay 19th, Heather Houghton 27th, Les Dalgleish 31st, Rona Lindsay 35th, Nigel Fawthrop 37th, Helena Nolan 43rd, Finlay Ross 45th, Gemma Richards 46th
Green (96) – Claire Ward 13th, Ian Pyrah 21st, John McLaren 25th, Janice Nisbet 30th, Sally Lindsay 41st, Bill Gauld 43rd, Jim Morrison 44th, Simon Firth 45th, Jamie Cunningham 48th
Light Green (31) – Rachel Fawthrop 3rd, Maggie Scrugham 6th, Robert Findlay 7th, Fiona Findlay 8th
Orange (22) – Jamie Fawthrop 5th
Yellow (18) – Jamie Lawlor 9th
White (27) – Ben Brown 3rd, Kerry Wood 11th, Rachel Brown 12th

Full results and comments are available on the 2010 results page of the East Lothian orienteers website.
See the historical SoSOL page of the East of Scotland Orienteering Association website for the SoSOL league table.

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