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SoSOL3, 2017Cathkin Braes Country Park, 19 March

The third South of Scotland Orienteering League event of the year was organised by St Andrew's Orienteering Club (Glasgow), and saw plenty of good results from ESOC.

Cathkin Braes Country Park, on the southern edge of Glasgow, is the highest point in the city, with panoramic views in fine weather. The terrain is varied, including ancient deciduous woodland, rough open land, and open grassland, with some steep slopes, crags, boulders and intricate detail, as well as hazards such as thick spiky vegetation, wrecked cars and fallen trees. The whole area is criss-crossed by many small and large paths, plus mountain bike tracks.
The weather forecast was dismal, but luckily the actual weather wasn’t as bad as expected.
Heather Thomson reports: "The weather was breezy in the open with the occasional heavy shower but as a whole remained dry while I was there. Underfoot conditions were very slippy due to recent heavy rain, with many participants taking a lot of care on slopes especially if any fellow competitors had been seen to fall. For the blue course, I wonder if many people headed straight down the track while finding the start on their map, when the first control was at almost 90 degrees to the track!"

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
Blue (24 competitors) - Walter Clark 2nd, Mark Rowe 6th, Heather Thomson 8th, Finlay Ross 12th
Green (28) - Alastair Lessells 3rd, Les Dalgleish 4th, Judy Bell 10th, Ben Brown 11th, Margaret Dalgleish 13th
Short Green (15) - Heidi Ross 1st, Fiona Findlay 4th, Anne Stevenson 6th, Leonne Hutchinson 8th
Light Green (6) - Rachel Brown 1st
Orange (7) - Adam Clark 1st, Joseph Lawlor 2nd, Maureen Brown 3rd, Jenny Ross 4th
Yellow (3) - Megan Brown 2nd
White (2) - Rowan Lawlor 1st

Full results, including Routegadget, are available here.

Further details about the South of Scotland Orienteering League can be found on the SoSOL page of the East of Scotland Orienteering Association website.

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