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SoSOL4, 2018Moncreiffe Hill, 3 June

The fourth event in this year’s South of Scotland Orienteering League was organised by Tayside Orienteers, on a newly remapped area, and there were plenty of ESOC runners.

Moncreiffe Hill is near Bridge of Earn; it’s the forested east-west ridge with steep crags on the south side, visible from the M90 motorway when heading north. Much of the forest is managed by the Woodland Trust. The northern side of the hill is gentler, with a mix of open and wooded land, and an excellent path network. There are two iron-age hill forts, and fantastic views from the top of the hill. Parking and Assembly were on the north side of the hill, with a walk to the start.

David Robertson reports: “After The British Championships and Scottish Championships it was back to a smaller scale, friendly event which was well organised, with ESOC’s Jim Martin the Controller. It was very warm and muggy for a start and the sun broke through so it was very hot, especially over the open moorland sections. In the cooler wooded areas the bracken is starting to liven up a bit but was not a problem here today. There was some pre-event advice about there being ticks on the hill. I had three on my lower legs when I got home so it is worth checking.”

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
Blue (27 competitors) – Finlay Ross 5th, Alison Cunningham 7th, Mark Wood 10th, Ben Brown 11th
Green (39) – Richard Oxlade 4th, Rachel Brown 6th, Alastair Lessells 8th, Tim Westmoreland 10th, Margaret Dalgleish 13th, Heidi Ross 15th, Colin Tyre 19th
Short Green (15) – Roger Scrutton 2nd, Anne Stevenson 4th, Fiona Findlay 6th, Janet Clark 8th
Light Green (8) – Anne Hoy 3rd
Orange (13) – Maja Robertson 1st

Full results and further details are on this event item on the TAY website.

More information about the South of Scotland Orienteering League can be found on the SoSOL page of the East of Scotland Orienteering Association website.

This was the first event in TAY’s “3 Hills” series – the other events are on 8 July at Menzieshill in Dundee (event 5 of the 2018 Scottish Orienteering Urban League) and 19 August at Pitmedden, near Perth. See the Events page of the TAY website for further details.

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