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SoSOL8, 2018Dalkeith Park, 18 November

The penultimate event in the 2018 South of Scotland Orienteering League was organised by ESOC; many ESOC members were busy helping as well as competing, but they had some great results.

Dalkeith Park is a few miles SE of Edinburgh. It’s an old country estate whose terrain includes a mixture of open parkland, fields, and woodland including some ancient oak trees, with an extensive network of paths and tracks. The North and South Esk rivers run through the park, in steep-sided valleys. The start was below Dalkeith Palace, with the start kite under the imposing Montagu Bridge, and the finish was near the café and shops at Restoration Yard. The courses covered most of the park; juniors stayed between the two rivers, and seniors ventured further, with loops in the old oakwood for the longer courses. It was a beautiful day, though chilly.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
Brown (15 competitors) – Richard Purkis 2nd, Ben Brown 3rd
Blue (42) – Peter O’Hara 2nd, Keith Brown 3rd, Walter Clark 7th, Heather Thomson 11th, Tyler Morrison 12th, Finlay Ross 13th, Alison Cunningham 17th
Green (48) – Ian Pyrah 9th, Les Dalgleish 12th, Hanne Robertson 18th, Rachel Fawthrop 20th, Katherine Kirk 23rd
Short Green (16) – Margaret Dalgleish 1st, Juliette Maire 2nd, Eleanor Pyrah 4th
Light Green (23) – Jamie Lawlor 3rd, Davide Foffa 5th, Alice Herbison 8th, Alex Stuart 9th
Orange (25) – Aisling Stuart 6th, Megan Brown 13th
Yellow (37) – Calum Robertson 3rd=, James Kruuk 6th, Sibhe Fahey 11th=
White (19) – Tilly Hepworth 8th, Maria O’Hara 9th

Full results from the event are available in the 2018 ESOC Results Archive.

Further details about the 2018 South of Scotland Orienteering League, including the league tables, can be found on the SoSOL page of the East of Scotland Orienteering Association website.

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