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SOUL 5, 2021Livingston, 6 November

The fifth event in the 2021 Scottish Orienteering Urban League was organised by Interløpers Orienteering Club. ESOC members greatly enjoyed it, and had wins in several classes.

Livingston is a brilliant place for urban orienteering, with varied housing developments and areas of parkland, criss-crossed by paths and cycle routes with underpasses at major roads. The map covered the Ladywell and Howden areas, with the finish in Almondvale Park, by the Civic Centre.
The start was to the north of Howden Park, just to the south of the A705. The longer courses headed through an underpass to the north side of the road, crossing it again via a footbridge a few controls later to join the shorter course, which zigzagged down through courtyards, pends and open grassed areas via many small alleyways. Route choice was crucial in such a complex area. Unfortunately it was very wet at first, which made seeing the detail on the map quite difficult for many. Later starters were more fortunate, as the rain eased and there was even some sun.

ESOC results in the top half:
M Open (12 competitors) – Simon Gregersen 5th
W Open (7) – Helen Bridle 1st, Rona Lindsay 4th
M Vet (16) – Mark Wood 7th, Walter Clark 8th
M Supervet (15) – Keith Brown 5th
W Supervet (12) – Alison Cunningham 1st
M Ultravet (14) – Crawford Lindsay 1st, Martin Caldwell 2nd, Les Dalgleish 5th, Dave Kershaw 7th
W Ultravet (8) – Sally Lindsay 1st, Margaret Dalgleish 2nd
M Hypervet (5) – John McLaren 3rd
M Young Junior (2) – Calum Robertson 1st

Full results, including Routegadget, are on the SOUL 5 Results page of the INT website.

The final league tables from the 2021 Scottish Orienteering Urban League are here.

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