Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

SOUL 6, 2019South Queensferry, 2 June

The sixth event in the 2019 Scottish Orienteering Urban League was organised by ESOC, and saw many club members helping before or after their run. There were some excellent results, including 5 class winners.

South Queensferry has diverse urban terrain, and the courses made good use of the best parts. The Event Centre was at the Queensferry Sports and Community Hub, with parking close by, at the High School. The start used by the senior courses was on a path near the shore, with a fine view of the Forth Bridge. Courses led immediately into the old town centre with its narrow alleyways and steps, and plenty of route choice, including along the beach. The longest courses had a couple of controls beyond the Forth Road Bridge too. There was a longish uphill leg (again with good route choice) to the complex housing estates in the newer parts of the town, with many alleyways, courtyards and gardens. The junior start was closer to the Event Centre, and the junior courses zig-zagged around the maze of pathways in the modern housing estates. The map had recently been updated to include new housing on the site of the old Hewlett Packard factory, in the SE corner of the map, and most courses had a few controls in this area.
Although the weather forecast was not at all promising, the rain held off, apart from a few spots, and it was quite warm.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
M Open (9 competitors) – Ben Brown 4th
M Vet (18) – Jonathan Ellis 6th, Walter Clark 8th
W Vet (13) – Helena Nolan 1st, Katherine Kirk 6th
M Supervet (11) – Crawford Lindsay 5th
W Supervet (9) – Alison Cunningham 1st
M Ultravet (13) – Martin Caldwell 1st, Ian Pyrah 2nd, Alastair Lessells 4th, Les Dalgleish 6th
W Ultravet (8) – Margaret Dalgleish 2nd, Rhona Fraser 4th
W Hypervet (2) – Janet Clark 1st
W Junior (5) – Rachel Brown 1st, Maja Robertson 2nd
M Young Junior (6) – Calum Robertson 2nd, Rowan Lawlor 3rd
W Young Junior (6) – Megan Brown 2nd

Full results from the event are available in the 2019 ESOC Results Archive.

A link to the 2019 Scottish Orienteering Urban League tables is available on the SOUL page of the SOA website.

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