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SOUL 7 - 2013Oxgangs, Edinburgh, 9 November

The final event of the 2013 Scottish Orienteering Urban League was part of ESOC’s Edinburgh Extravaganza weekend, with a huge turnout of helpers and some excellent ESOC results.

The event centre for the last SOUL event of the year was at Firrhill High School, SW of Edinburgh city centre, and competitors came from far and wide. Courses zig-zigged through the many pathways and confusingly similar buildings of the Steils, then senior courses all had a long leg taking them into Oxgangs proper, followed by loops through varied terrain including suburban houses, parkland, some rough open land, and flats with courtyards; changes in level and many uncrossable walls and dead ends gave challenging route choices. The weather was showery, and early starters unfortunately got quite wet.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
M Open (31 competitors) – Ray Ward 4th, Andrew Lindsay 13th
M Vet (26) – Keith Brown 11th, Jim Martin 12th
M SuperVet (27) – Martin Caldwell 9th, Crawford Lindsay 10th, Mike Stewart 11th
M UltraVet (13) – Roger Scrutton 4th, Ian Pyrah 5th, Alastair Lessells 7th
M12- (7) – Ben Brown 1st
W Open (24) – Heather Thomson 8th, Rona Lindsay 12th
W Vet (18) – Helena Nolan 5th, Rachel Fawthrop 9th
W SuperVet (19) – Sally Lindsay 5th, Margaret Dalgleish 6th, Mary Williams 8th
W Ultravet (5) – Eleanor Pyrah 1st, Katy Lessells 2nd
W 16- (4) – Kerry Wood 2nd
W12- (4) – Rachel Brown 1st

Full results from the event are available in the 2013 ESOC Results Archive.

The prizegiving for the overall SOUL series was held as soon as the results were clear, with “Race the Castles” teeshirts for the winners, and SOUL mugs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
ESOC prizewinners were:
M Open: Andrew Lindsay 2nd=
M SuperVet: Crawford Lindsay 2nd, Martin Caldwell 3rd
M UltraVet: Roger Scrutton 3rd
W Open: Heather Thomson 2nd, Rona Lindsay 3rd=
W SuperVet: Sally Lindsay 2nd
W UltraVet: Eleanor Pyrah 2nd, Katy Lessells 3rd
W 16- : Kerry Wood 1st
W 12- : Rachel Brown 1st, Megan Brown 2nd
M 12- : Ben Brown 1st

A link to the 2013 Scottish Orienteering Urban League tables is available on the SOUL page of the SOA website.

This was the final event in the 2013 Nopesport Urban League. Many of the events were far away in the south, and few ESOC people had more than 4 scores. With 7 events to count, the best ESOC result came from Terry Johnstone, who had 5 scores, and came 13th in Men’s Open. Full league tables are on the 2013 page of the UK Urban League website.

This event was also the individual race for the Scottish Students Orienteering Championships, organised by Edinburgh University Orienteering Club.

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