Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

TAY Christmas Score Event 2008Scone Palace, 14 December

ESOC members won prizes at this annual fun event, held at Scone Palace.  There was a fairy tale and fantasy theme for bonus questions to boost your score.

The extensive grounds of Scone Palace are mostly open parkland, with some woodland and interesting features. Saturday’s rain had fortunately stopped in time for the event, leaving the grounds a little wet underfoot but enjoyable nonetheless. Everyone had the same map, and you could opt for a 45 minute time limit, where the aim was to visit as many controls as possible, or a 60 minute time limit, where you had to visit all the even-numbered controls before the odd-numbered ones (or vice versa), which meant 2 circuits of the area. With 30 controls in all, there was much complicated planning while waiting for the mass start. As well as the usual score format (with various controls attracting different scores, and penalty points for being late), there was a question at each control, with bonus points for correct answers, and further bonus points for any kind of fancy dress, even Santa hats. Those with recent knowledge of fairy tales had a definite advantage! Many people stayed for lunch in the Palace café afterwards.

ESOC results in the top ten were as follows:
60 minute score – Rona Lindsay 1st, Andrew Lindsay 2nd,
Andrew Dalgleish 3rd, Sarah O’Neill 8th,
Clive Masson 10th.
45 minute score – Robert Findlay 5th, Janet Clark 8th

Results and routes are available on the TAY Routegadget page.

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