Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

TAY Christmas Score event 2013Dunkeld House Hotel & King’s Seat, 8 December

A sizeable party of ESOC members competed at the traditional TAY Christmas event.

This year’s TAY Christmas event took place below Craig a Barns, in a long narrow area along the River Tay, which includes beech woods and parkland of the hotel grounds as well as rougher craggy ground on King’s Seat itself. There were plenty of contours and lots of difficult choices, collecting controls whose scores varied from 10 to 50 points, with a 45 minute time limit for Short and 60 minutes for Long. Bonus points could be earned by meeting up with Santa or a Fairy, who were wandering around the area, and there was one “secret” control whose location was revealed at another control. Fancy dress was encouraged, with the theme of “Kings” or “Seat”, and extra bonus points were available for anyone still wearing some kind of fancy dress at the finish.

The weather was mild, and mostly dry with a couple of slight showers. Underfoot conditions were reasonable, with some mud and puddles in places.

ESOC members didn’t win any prizes, but those in the top half of the results were:
Short – Fran Humphrey 8th
Long – Clive Masson 3rd, Crawford Lindsay 8th, Heather Thomson 9th, Mike Stewart 10th, Les Dalgleish 16th, Robert Findlay 26th, Janet Clark 28th.

Most people stayed on for a very good lunch at the Birnam Arts and Community Centre.

Results and other details are on the Christmas Score 2013 page of the TAY website.

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