Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

TAY Christmas Score event 2016Drummond Castle, 18 December

Some enthusiastic ESOC members enjoyed the traditional TAY Christmas event.

Tayside Orienteers organise an annual mass-start score event at Christmas. This year’s event was held at Drummond Castle, which some remembered from the Scottish Relays back in 2011.

Drummond Castle is near Crieff, and the terrain is described as delightful ancient oak woodland to the north of the castle, dropping down to the Pond of Drummond, with mixed conifer woodland to the west complicated by linear volcanic dykes. There was a 45 minute time limit for the Short course, with 24 controls, and 60 minutes for the Long, with 27 controls. Bonus points were awarded for various achievements, including wearing something Christmassy (e.g. santa hats or tinsel). Many stayed on for lunch afterwards at Crieff Golf Club.

Most of the ESOC members competed in the Long score, where there were 76 competitors, with the best ESOC result coming from Jim Martin, who was 8th. Others in the top half of the results were Finlay Ross (15th), Clive Masson (16th), Alastair Lessells (31st) and Timothy May (37th).
In the Short score, there were 56 competitors, and Heidi Ross came 2nd.

Full results and other details about the event are in the Christmas Score event item on the TAY website.

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