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Tinto Twin 2013/SOUL 6Lanark Racecourse / Lanark, 26/27 October

Success for ESOC members at the 26th Tinto Twin competition.

The Tinto Twin is an annual 2-day competition, with a night event on Saturday, followed by a day event on Sunday, and the times are combined in the overall results. This year, the night event was at Lanark Racecourse and Country Park, and for the first time, the day event was an urban race, in Lanark. It was also the 6th event in the 2013 Scottish Orienteering Urban League.

At Saturday's Night Event, it was raining very hard around the time of the first starts, then thankfully the rain stopped, though it was still wet and very muddy underfoot in places. There was an interesting contrast between open grassy areas and dense plantation forest that had a multitude of very confusing paths. On finishing, there was the customary tasty soup and rolls afterwards, in the warm surroundings of the rugby clubhouse.
ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
Course A (8 competitors) – Andrew Lindsay 2nd, Craig Nolan 4th
Course D (10) – Roger Scrutton 2nd, Sally Lindsay 3rd, Janice Nisbet 4th
Course E (3) – Anne Stevenson 1st
Course F (5) – Ben Brown 2nd, Rachel Brown 3rd

Registration for the Day Event was in the New Lanark village, a World Heritage site, down by the Clyde in a deep wooded valley. The start was further uphill, and the senior courses covered a wide variety of terrain, heading into the town centre with bewildering route choice via narrow alleyways and a mix of old and new buildings, as well as some busy road crossings, then through parkland before descending along woodland paths into the valley. The courses had a sting in the tail, reascending for a few controls before the last short legs back in New Lanark village.
There were plenty of interesting things to do afterwards – relaxing in the café, visiting the New Lanark cotton mills, or the Scottish Wildlife Trust visitor centre and woodland walks. The weather was showery but mostly dry, and there were some terrific views of autumn foliage on the trees, with the river in full flow over the Falls of Clyde.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their SOUL class were:
M Open (10 competitors) – Craig Nolan 3rd, Andrew Lindsay 4th
M SuperVet (16) – Crawford Lindsay 3rd, Martin Caldwell 4th
M UltraVet (8) – Roger Scrutton 2nd, Ian Pyrah 4th
M Young Juniors (4) – Ben Brown 1st
W Veteran (17) – Helena Nolan 3rd, Rachel Fawthrop 8th, Judy Bell 9th
W SuperVet (14) – Sally Lindsay 3rd, Margaret Dalgleish 4th, Janice Nisbet 5th
W UltraVet (5) – Eleanor Pyrah 2nd, Anne Stevenson 3rd
W Young Juniors (6) – Rachel Brown 3rd

The trophies for the overall Tinto Twin competition are awarded by standard age class, and the ESOC winners were:
Andrew Lindsay (Men’s Open), Craig Nolan (M18), Keith Brown (M50), Jim Clark (M70), Sally Lindsay (W55), Janice Nisbet (W60), Janet Clark (W70).
There are no trophies for young juniors, and instead the Brown family won a family ticket to New Lanark in recognition of Ben Brown coming 1st in Young Junior Men and Rachel Brown coming 2nd in Young Junior Women.

Full results are available here.

A link to the 2013 Scottish Orienteering Urban League tables can be found on the SOUL page of the SOA website.

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