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Tinto Twin 2015Firpark, 24/25 October

The 28th Tinto Twin weekend was enjoyable as ever, with some trophies for ESOC regulars.

The Tinto Twin is an annual 2-day competition, with a night event on Saturday, followed by a day event on Sunday, and the times are combined in the overall results. This year, both events were at the same venue. Firpark is near Newbigging, a few miles east of Carnwath in South Lanarkshire. The terrain is gently sloping, a mixture of rough open fields and blocks of plantation forest, with some bracken, complex vegetation changes, and lots of rabbit holes. A minor road runs through the area.
For Saturday’s Night Event, the weather was much better than forecast, and remained dry, though cool. The start was near Assembly, to the S of the road, and it seemed a very long way to the start kite, across a field. Courses crossed the fields before leading through the woods around various challenging features. The longest course ventured to the N side of the minor road. Everyone enjoyed the traditional Tinto soup and rolls afterwards.
ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
TD5 Long (16 competitors) – Mark Wood 8th
TD5 Medium (16) – Crawford Lindsay 8th
TD5 Short (10) – Sally Lindsay 2nd, Ian Pyrah 4th, Anne Stevenson 5th
Light Green (4) – Kerry Wood 1st, Ben Brown 2nd

For Sunday’s Day Event, the longer courses started on the N side of the road, looping round the forest and fields. Some of the night controls were revisited, giving an interesting opportunity for another look at the terrain (though usually from a different direction). It was breezy and cool, but remained dry.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
TD5 Long (22 competitors) – Mark Wood 9th
TD5 Medium (33) – Crawford Lindsay 4th, Heather Thomson 7th, Les Dalgleish 10th, Finlay Ross 14th
TD5 Short (25) – Margaret Dalgleish 2nd, Sally Lindsay 8th
Light Green (9) – Kerry Wood 1st, Rachel Brown 2nd, Ben Brown 3rd
Orange (8) – Jamie Lawlor 1st, Heidi Ross 2nd, Leonne Hutchinson 3rd, Joseph Lawlor 4th
Yellow (5) – Jenny Ross 3rd

The overall Tinto Twin competition is decided by standard age class, and the ESOC winners were:
Ben Brown (M14), Crawford Lindsay (M60), Ian Pyrah (M70), Kerry Wood (W14), Sally Lindsay (W55), Eleanor Pyrah (W70)

For full results, see the event page of the Tinto Orienteers website.
A few photos from the event are available in the Tinto Twin album in ESOC's Google Album Archive.

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