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Tinto Twin 2017Lanark Racecourse / Biggar, 11/12 November

The 30th Tinto Twin weekend (including the final event in the 2017 Scottish Orienteering Urban League) enjoyed fine weather, and ESOC members won a good selection of trophies.

The Tinto Twin is an annual 2-day competition, with a night event on Saturday, followed by a day event on Sunday, and the times are combined in the overall results. This year, the night event was at Lanark Racecourse and Country Park, and the day event was in Biggar.

The event centre for Saturday’s Night Event was at Lanark Rugby Club, on the disused racecourse. The terrain was very mixed, including short grass on the rugby fields, dense plantation forest, rough open land, a loch, some treacherous ditches and a very wet marsh. In the forest, it was quite hilly, with many confusing paths as well as some patches of impenetrable vegetation, and it was often very wet and muddy underfoot. All in all this provided challenging orienteering, despite being a small area. After finishing, everyone enjoyed the traditional soup and rolls in the warm surroundings of the rugby clubhouse.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
Long (17 competitors) – Andrew Lindsay 2nd, Jonathan Ellis 6th, Mark Rowe 7th
Medium (19) – Kerry Wood 7th, Ben Brown 8th, Crawford Lindsay 10th
Short (19) – Ian Pyrah 2nd, Margaret Dalgleish 4th, Mark Wood 6th, Sally Lindsay 7th
Light Green (1) – Rachel Brown 1st
Dark Orange (1) – Megan Brown 1st

On Sunday, the event centre for the Day Event, which was also SOUL 11, was at Biggar Youth Project, with the start and finish nearby. Courses took competitors on a tour of the town, through many narrow alleyways and pends in the oldest parts, over the burn, across the main A702 (several times), round newer housing estates and back past the High School. The weather was clear and sunny with a cool breeze.

ESOC were well represented across all classes. Those in the top half of the results were:
M Open (7 competitors) – Andrew Lindsay 3rd
M Vet (18) – Walter Clark 9th
M SuperVet (16) – Keith Brown 3rd, Martin Caldwell 4th, Crawford Lindsay 6th
M UltraVet (17) – Alastair Lessells 4th, Les Dalgleish 6th, Roger Scrutton 7th, Ian Pyrah 9th
W Open (6) – Rona Lindsay 2nd
W Vet (12) – Alison Cunningham 2nd
W SuperVet (9) – Maggie Scrugham 2nd, Sally Lindsay 4th
W UltraVet (10) – Margaret Dalgleish 2nd, Eleanor Pyrah 3rd, Anne Thom 4th, Katy Lessells 5th
W Hypervet (1) – Janet Clark 1st
M Junior (7) – Ben Brown 1st
W Junior (3) – Rachel Brown 1st
M Young Junior (4) – Joseph Lawlor 1st, Rowan Lawlor 2nd
W Young Junior (4) – Maja Robertson 1st, Megan Brown 2nd

This was the final event in the 2017 Scottish Orienteering Urban League. Information about this league, including the latest league tables (click on “BTO SOUL Series Results”, on the right), are on the SOUL page of the Scottish Orienteering Association website.

The overall Tinto Twin competition uses the standard age classes, and the ESOC winners were:
Ben Brown (M16), Jonathan Ellis (M35), Les Dalgleish (M65), Megan Brown (W10), Rachel Brown (W14), Kerry Wood (W20 – actual age W16), Sally Lindsay (W60), Margaret Dalgleish (W65), Eleanor Pyrah (W70)

Full results and other details about the event are available on the 30th Tinto Twin event page of the Tinto Orienteers website.

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