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Tinto Twin 2022 / SOUL 11Edinburgh, 29/30 October

The 33rd Tinto Twin weekend was organised by ESOC, and seven ESOC members won trophies.

The Tinto Twin is an annual 2-day competition, with a night event on Saturday, followed by a day event on Sunday, usually held the weekend the clocks change. It was run for many years by Tinto Orienteering Club, and has now been taken on by STAG and ESOC in alternate years. This year the day event was also the 11th fixture in the 2022 Scottish Orienteering Urban League.

The Night event was at Blackford Hill, with the event centre at the Braid Tennis Club on Cluny Gardens. This area has a great variety of terrain. The hill itself has open grassland on the top, with many gorse bushes and steep craggy slopes. The Hermitage of Braid, to the south, is a narrow river valley with very steep sides, often craggy. Further south still is a disused golf course, which is also open grassland, with knolls and depressions. The whole area is criss-crossed by many paths and tracks. It was a very mild evening, though underfoot conditions were quite damp in places.
The Start was at the small carpark on Midmar Drive, on the west side of the area, and courses took competitors along the river valley and over the hill to the Finish on the north side of Blackford Pond.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
Course 1 (14 competitors) – Vicente Lopez Sanchez 4th, Simon Gregersen 7th
Course 2 (12) – Alison O’Neil 5th
Course 3/4 (29) – Alison Cunningham 7th, Richard Oxlade 11th, Crawford Lindsay 12th,
Terry Johnstone 6th, Keith Brown 7th
Course 5 (11) – Sally Lindsay 1st, Ian Pyrah 2nd, Tom Uutela 4th, Margaret Dalgleish 5th

On Sunday, the Day event was at South Gyle, on the new map, with Assembly just to the east of the Gyle Centre. The terrain includes residential areas in various styles, and business parks with large office buildings and car parks with many hedges. The main start was to the south, and courses led immediately through an underpass to the business parks on the west side of the map. There were some long legs, and a timed-out road crossing on South Gyle Broadway. The last few controls were in the maze of roads in the Gogarloch housing development. The Young Junior start was near to Assembly, and their course stayed in the Gogarloch housing estate.
The weather was mild but dull, and there were a few showers.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
Course 1 (12 competitors) – Vicente Lopez Sanchez 5th, Simon Gregersen 6th
Course 2 (22) – Walter Clark 6th, Mark Rowe 11th
Course 4 (33) – Alison Cunningham 2nd, Crawford Lindsay 3rd, Martin Caldwell 7th, Les Dalgleish 14th
Course 5 (21) – Sally Lindsay 2nd, Ian Pyrah 4th, Margaret Dalgleish 6th, Rhona Fraser 8th
Course 6 (8) – Calum Robertson 3rd
Course 7 (5) – William Atkinson 2nd, Catherine Rowe 3rd

The day event was also SOUL 11. A link to the 2023 Scottish Orienteering Urban League tables is available on the SOUL page of the Scottish Orienteering Association website.

The ESOC winners in the overall Tinto Twin competition were:
Calum Robertson (M14), Crawford Lindsay (M65), Les Dalgleish (M70), Alison Cunningham (W55), Sally Lindsay (W65), Margaret Dalgleish (W70), and Eleanor Pyrah (W75).

Full results from both events, along with Routegadget and officials’ comments, are available on the 2022 Tinto Twin event pages of the ESOC website:
Night event
Day event

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