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Tinto Twin 2023 / SoSOL 6Pollok Park, 4/5 November

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STAG organised the 34th Tinto Twin events, on a glorious autumn weekend. 

The Tinto Twin is an annual 2-day competition, with a night event on Saturday, followed by a day event on Sunday, traditionally held the weekend the clocks change (but not this year). It was run for many years by Tinto Orienteering Club, and has now been taken on by STAG. This year the day event was also the 6th in the 2023 South of Scotland Orienteering League. Both events were held in Pollok Park, Glasgow, and the weather was sunny with wonderful autumn colours throughout the park. Pollok Park is in the south west of Glasgow and is the largest park in the city, famous for the Burrell Collection and also the 18th Century Pollok House. The terrain includes woodland, open parkland and gardens, with many tracks and paths, on low hills.

The event centre for the Night event was at a Scout Hall in Shawmoss Road, east of the park, with the start and finish a short walk away. Courses looped around the woodland and there was some tricky navigation.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
Blue (3 competitors) – Terry Johnstone 2nd
Green (14) – Lucie Hamplova 7th
Short Green (16) – Sally Lindsay 4th, Crawford Lindsay 8th

On Sunday, the Day event had two starts: the near start for Yellow and Orange courses was close to the Burrell Collection, and the Far start was on the south side of Pollok House. The longer courses had a double-sided map. The first part of each course was on a 1:3,000 sprint-specification map of the Pollok House Gardens, with short legs and plenty of route choice around the gardens, which had walls, hedges and steps to negotiate. The rest of the course was on the same 1:7,500 map as the night event.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
Blue (16 competitors) – Luigi Lerose 1st, Crawford Lindsay 6th
Green (28) – Les Dalgleish 11th
Short Green (23) – Margaret Dalgleish 7th, Sally Lindsay 11th
Light Green (10) – Mary Williams 2nd, Olly Simmers 4th
Orange (5) – Fiona Findlay 3rd

The day event was also SoSOL 6. Further details about the South of Scotland Orienteering League, including the league tables, are on the SoSOL page of the East of Scotland Orienteering Association website.

There were no ESOC winners in the overall Tinto Twin competition this year.
Full results from both events, along with Routegadget and officials’ comments, are available on the 2023 Tinto Twin event pages of the STAG website:
Night event
Day event

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