Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Tinto Twin and Scottish Score Championships

There were several ESOC members among the trophy winners at the 21st Tinto Twin competition.

This annual occasion consists of a night event on a Saturday, followed by a day event on the Sunday, with the combined results being used to determine the overall winners. The day event was the Scottish Score Championships, and the night event was also in score format, so that the results from both could be added together.
This year the night event was at Lanark Racecourse and Loch, on 1 November. The weather was chilly but fine, and there was a great deal of mud, as well as lots of noise from fireworks nearby. Afterwards there was the traditional Tinto soup along with animated discussion and route comparison.
The day event was at Rachan & Dreva, near Broughton, on 2 November, and the weather was glorious, with lovely views of the surrounding hills. There was even more mud, a lot of it in the car park, and the prize-giving took a long time because there were 2 sets of trophies to give out.

Congratulations to all the ESOC trophy winners:
Tinto Twin – Craig Nolan (M14), Roger Scrutton (M60), Jim Clark (M70), Rona Lindsay (W14), Chris McLeod (W45), Norma Coutts (W65)
Scottish Score – Craig Nolan (M14), Jim Clark (M70), Bill Gauld (M75), Rona Lindsay (W14), Janice Nisbet (W55), Norma Coutts (W65)

Tinto Twin Results