Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Tinto Twin and SOL 7 - Inshriach, 30/31 October 2010

The 23rd Tinto Twin competition was held on Speyside, with several ESOC members among the trophy winners.

This 2-day competition is held annually, with a night event on Saturday, followed by a day event on Sunday. The combined results determine the overall winners. Once again, the day event was also the final Scottish Orienteering League event for the season.

Both events were at Inshriach, near Kincraig, a mature coniferous forest, with some tracks and plenty of intricate contour detail, as well as indistinct areas that were particularly challenging at night. Underfoot conditions were rough in places, but not as wet as expected after the recent heavy rain. A contingent of ESOC members stayed at the Ladies Scottish Climbing Club hut at Milehouse, Feshiebridge, which was handy for the event.

The weather for the night event was fine - dry and fairly mild. As usual, there was very welcome soup and rolls afterwards, with much discussion of route choice and commiseration over mistakes.

ESOC members in the top half of the results for their course were:
Course 3 (24 competitors) - Crawford Lindsay 9th, Bill Stevenson 10th, Roger Scrutton 11th=
Course 4 (57) - Andrew Lindsay 1st, Craig Nolan 3rd, Margaret Dalgleish 15th, Ronnie Nolan 17th, Ian Pyrah 22nd, Anne Stevenson 25th
Course 5 (14) - Rona Lindsay 1st, Eleanor Pyrah 6th

The day event was also SOL 7, and was very well-attended. Again the weather was fine, though cooler, and many enjoyed the opportunity to see the area again by daylight.

ESOC members in the top half of the results were:
Brown (29 competitors) - Chris Huthwaite 12th
Blue (68) - Elisabeth Henkes 1st, Andrew Lindsay 7th, Andrew Dalgleish 11th, Craig Nolan 16th, Crawford Lindsay 19th, Mark Wood 21st, Ronnie Nolan 27th
Short Blue (50) - Alison Cunningham 6th, Nigel Fawthrop 12th
Green (55) - Rona Lindsay 1st, Janice Nisbet 23rd, Fiona Findlay 27th, Anne Stevenson 28th
Short Green (28) - Eleanor Pyrah 3rd, Rachel Fawthrop 6th, Clare Williams 9th, Janet Clark 11th
Light Green (41) - Gavin Williams 11th, Barney Huthwaite 15th
Yellow (31) - Kerry Wood 14th

Congratulations to all the ESOC trophy winners in the overall Tinto Twin competition:
Andrew Lindsay (M16), Crawford Lindsay (M55L), Jim Clark (M70L), Rona Lindsay (W16), Anne Stevenson (W60L), Eleanor Pyrah (W65L)

Full results are available on the Tinto website.