Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Training - Blackford Hill, 21 November 2018

Wednesday evening session led by Ian Pyrah.

Crawford Lindsay reports:
“I like the training evenings, as I’m not a fan of running but they make me run and maintain some fitness. The session at Blackford Hill was the second part of Ian’s “eating an elephant” evenings. I took from this that you have to break the legs down so you can efficiently get to the next control; you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. We started with drills on a flattish area, which are a great way to warm up, though you need to be careful as Blackford Hill is a bit lumpy thanks to the local rabbit population. After that we did a couple of hill reps before a course to practice our technique. Ian had prepared short, medium and long, and we all had to be back by 20:30. I chose long, and zigzagged around the hill looking for the controls (orange tapes with a reflector). The session was useful and there is always a good deal of conviviality and banter. I think they would benefit everyone; it’s not just fitness and technique, it’s also sociable.”