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February Social 2024Pollock Halls, Tuesday 20th February

Alison Harding reports: “It was a chilly evening when ESOC members gathered outside the Commonwealth Pool, looking enviously at the warm interior. However Sabine soon made us forget that as she explained the event we were about to do - it seemed complicated! Everyone gathered in teams of two or thr

Wed 21 Feb 2024Read more…

November Social 2023The Meadows/Bruntsfield, Monday 6 November

At this social, there was a choice of a Hash run or foot Turf event, both offering interesting exploration of the surrounding area.

Tue 7 Nov 2023Read more…

October Social 2023Silverknowes, Tuesday 10 October

Everyone enjoyed this social, which offered a choice of orienteering or turfing, with drinks and chat afterwards.

Thu 12 Oct 2023Read more…

Scottish Turf Open Event weekend 2023Edinburgh, 29 September - 1 October

The Scottish Open Turf event weekend was a great success, with many visitors from other parts of the UK and Scandinavia. 

Sat 7 Oct 2023Read more…

TURF 2023 CompetitionSeptember 2023

Scotland finished in 2nd place in this year’s Turf Ultimate Region Fight.

Sun 1 Oct 2023Read more…

September Social 2023Stockbridge, Tuesday 12 September

This social featured an unusual format for the orienteering, with multiple maps, as well as a Turf event, with zones named after well-known games.

Sat 16 Sept 2023Read more…

Moray 2023 Turf EventForres, Wednesday 2 August

Competitors enjoyed a foot Turf event on the Rest Day during the Scottish 6-Days orienteering week. 

Sat 5 Aug 2023Read more…

ESOC’s Summer Turf Challenge 20231 August – 30 September

Another extended challenge for the summer!

Tue 25 Jul 2023Read more…

Turf Event TurfEmbra11Bruntsfield, Monday 5 June

A fine foot event on a summer evening.

Wed 7 Jun 2023Read more…

April social 2023Currie, Tuesday 18 April

Another well-attended social, with MapRun orienteering courses and a spice-themed Turf event.

Wed 19 Apr 2023Read more…

March Social 2023Loanhead, Tuesday 21 March

This well-attended social featured orienteering or turfing, with drinks afterwards.

Wed 22 Mar 2023Read more…

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