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TURF 2022 CompetitionSeptember 2022

Scotland finished in 4th place in the Turf Ultimate Region Fight, after 4 weeks of competition.

The Turf Ultimate Region Fight is an annual multi-region Turf competition. Last year, Scotland came 2nd out of 9 teams. This year, there were 10 other teams, all from Sweden. The competition began at 11am on Sunday 4 September (the start of the new Turf round), and finished 4 weeks later, on Sunday 2 October.

The rules were similar to last year’s competition. There were 3 separate scoring categories: Turf points, number of takes, and number of round unique zones (i.e. zones that you hadn’t already visited in the September round). For each of these 3 disciplines, the scores were calculated from the average of the top 75% of the team on a week-by-week basis, and also for the whole month.

Week 1 saw some determined turfing from the Scotland team, often in appalling weather. At the end of the week, Scotland were in 1st place for Turf points, 6th place for zones taken, and 4th place for round uniques, giving an overall score of 28.

In week 2, the weather was much better, but some Scottish team members were away or injured, so despite heroic efforts from the leaders, the team results were exactly the same as the first week. This gave Scotland an overall score of 56, still in 3rd place.

Week 3 brought slower progress in Scotland, due to more people being on holiday, injured or otherwise out of action. The top Swedish teams, in contrast, did even more turfing, and Scotland came 3rd on Turf points, 8th on zones taken and 4th on round uniques, with a score of 22 for the week, giving an overall score of 78, still in 3rd place (just one point ahead of Stockholm North).

In week 4, the pattern was similar – despite long Turf sessions from some of the Scottish team, the leading Swedish teams moved further ahead, and in the end Scotland came 4th on Turf points, 7th on zones taken, and 4th on round uniques, scoring 21 points for the week.

Scores are also calculated for the whole month, giving Scotland another 25 points. This brought the overall score to 124, sadly not quite enough to hold on to 3rd place. Uppsala won the competition with 194 points, followed by Västmanland with 186 points, and Stockholm North with 125 points.

Well done to Team Scotland, and thanks once more to the other teams for such great competition! As ever, people enjoyed exploring new places, with lots of friendly chat along the way, and many medals won. 16 ESOC members were in the 2022 Scotland team. See Turfportalen for the final position and an explanation of the rules and scoring. There are separate tabs for the scoreboard, overall totals, and each week of the competition. Click on a team name for a full team list and individual totals.

See this article on the ESOC website for more about last year's competition.

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