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Turf - Changes in UK zone making

Kingslayer (zone making co-ordinator for the UK) explains the new system.
This article appeared in the August 2022 issue of Capital-O.

Kingslayer reports:
Starting in July 2022 we will handle zone making in UK in similar way as we have been doing in Sweden for many years now. In essence this means:

  • All regions and larger towns have an active zone maker
  • Zone makers rotate assignments after 4 months
  • Each region and larger town in UK have an associated quota – allocation - of new zones which must be used in the four-month period.

In addition, we have recently recruited a handful of new zone makers based in the UK to strengthen our zone making abilities. Up until now zone making in UK has largely been based on individual person's effort and available time. Some areas have received many zones and others none.

The switch to four-month assignments and associated quotas is to ensure a steady inflow of new zones as evenly as possible over the whole of UK. This means that you will no longer see a large amount of zones appearing all of a sudden in a specific place, but instead there will now be a steady smaller build-up month by month. Of course we can't cover everything everywhere in this 4-month period, and there are 11 zone makers working on the whole of UK. To help us, you can make Forum suggestions or suggestions in the Turf app (lightbulb symbol). We read all forum requests but we can’t always act on every request.

As some of you may know, making zone suggestions in the app does not trigger any activity for the zone makers – we don't get a notification, all submissions are anonymous, and they just accumulate over time on our zone making map. However, that doesn't mean they aren't helpful! Please keep the App suggestions coming! The zone makers are seldom locals and, in some cases, not even from UK. That means suggestions help tremendously when expanding the number of zones in cities. Just remember to make them on "good" spots - public and safe areas, for both pedestrians and bicyclists. And remember, zone makers also need vacation, you may not see the full effect of this until August/September.


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