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Turf Event TURFEMBRA01Edinburgh, Friday 4 June

Some of ESOC’s keen turfers enjoyed this exciting Turf Event in Edinburgh.

A Turf Event is a competition in a defined area for a short period of time, with zones created just for the duration of the event. At the start of the event, all the normal zones in the event area disappear and are replaced by the event zones which have been defined by the organiser. Competitors take zones in the same way as usual, but everyone has the same takeover time (30 seconds) and zones are only blocked for 3 minutes when they are taken. All zones are worth the same - 10 points for takeover (TP) plus 60 points per hour while holding them (PPH).

The event was organised by ESOC members Hodge, kjtindall and Vikingb, and ran from 7 till 8:30 pm on Friday 4 June. It was a cycling event, in an area about 5km by 3km, covering North East Edinburgh from Canonmills to Restalrig and Piershill, with 82 zones. There were 19 participants, and féarglas won the event, with 916 points from 37 takes. The event map and full results are available on the TURFEMBRA 01 Event page on the Turf website.

ESOCWoody came 5th, with 783 points from 41 takes, and commented “Really enjoyed the event. It was frantic from the get go. I started in St Mark’s Park; although it was on the wrong side of the roadworks on Leith Walk, I thought the cycle paths around the park would have some zones and could be fast ground to cover. This was the case, but a number of people had the same idea so holding a zone for any length of time was impossible. After leaving that area I had no plan and was simply reacting to what everyone else was doing and trying to avoid being blocked. Although I took the second most zones (most was MarkkuESOC) I didn’t manage to earn much from the PPH, unlike the others around me on the results. Anyway, a really good first event. The technology worked perfectly and the organising trio of Hodge, Vikingb and kjtindall did a grand job.”

Everyone had a great time, and plans are already being made for the next Turf event near here.

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