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Turf Event TurfEmbra08Livingston, Friday 22 July

Great fun despite the weather!

Artful (David Parker) planned this enjoyable Turf event, based in Howden Park. The event took place from 7 till 8:30pm, and unfortunately it started raining quite heavily about half an hour before the start. Several bike turfers decided to go on foot instead, and so this time there were more foot turfers than cyclists.

Despite the weather, enthusiastic competitors set off in all directions. The foot turfers soon noticed that Artful had designed an ingenious set of zones in the park, very close together in a hopscotch pattern, and this area became quite busy, with a high take count. Elsewhere, it was often hard to judge which zones would be easiest to reach – there were some in very wet woodland, or surrounded by thistles! Zones were spread throughout the area, from Livingston Village in the west to Almond Park in the east, north to Cousland Road (with just a couple of zones over a bridge on the other side) and south to the Almond River, including a zone IN the river. As usual, the zone names were quite entertaining, though most didn’t notice them at the time.

Artful commented: “I’d been thinking that Howden Park might be a good space for a foot Turf event. It was fun to see people approach the denser zones in different ways and there were some good scores. Maybe for next year’s Livingston event we could run it as a foot competition completely contained within the park. And it’s good to see new ways of enjoying Turf. Thanks to everyone who came out, especially given the rain at the start!”

Phones were struggling in the damp conditions, but luckily the rain stopped and it became easier to see where you were going. Everyone gathered at the end for the prizegiving:
Junior – ajmtheperfect
Senior (bike) – MarkkuEsoc
Senior (foot) – Andypatqos
Finally there was a Crowdy, in the brand new zone Gloaming, created for the occasion. Everyone enjoyed the event, and it was good to see some new participants too.

The event map and full results are available on the TurfEmbra08 Event page on the Turf website.
Details of how a Turf event works are in this document: Participating in a Turf Event
Also see this news item for a report from the previous Turf event in Edinburgh.

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