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Turf Event TurfEmbra09Greenbank, Saturday 29 October

Another successful Turf event!

This Turf event was planned by the famous Kingslayer, our mentor and guide on all Turfing matters – many thanks to him. It took place SW of the city centre, in Craiglockhart / Comiston / Greenbank / Oxgangs, within the highlighted area on this map (click on the map to see more detail):

This area is quite hilly, and the zones were evenly spread, so there were fewer takes than at the previous Turf event. The theme for the names this time was Abba songs. Apart from one on East Craiglockhart Hill, all the zones were taken at least once, often by multiple people. It was great to see some new people competing, along with most of the regulars. The weather was cloudy but dry, though it had rained earlier so the ground was still damp.

Kingslayer commented:
“It was a great pleasure to make the zones for Turfembra09, I know the area reasonably well now, especially after CSL pointed out the closed military grounds some time ago… In our club (Turf Skåne) we normally separate foot and bike into two heats (events), and the general rule for us is approx 3 zones per participant in a foot heat and approx 4 per participant in a bike heat. In this mixed heat of Turfembra09 I tried to keep 3.5 per participant or so. Usually we also determine a gathering point and then build zones out from that one so that we can have zones equidistant and relatively close to each other which means the final event area is not set until the last zone is made. In this case I was given a fixed area to work with. Had you been only 5 participants there would have been some 18 zones spread very far :wink:. But you got enough people signed up to keep the zones approx 300 meters apart, great job on recruiting! I followed the event real time and was happy to see the activity and that there were some event virgins participating as I found out from Planet Gary’s blog summary afterwards. Congrats to all winners! (And no, I’m not from Malmö!)”
(Note: This final comment was in response to Walter’s description of him!)
He added:
“And I recommend checking out the event graph which shows the full progress of each participant throughout the event.”

Everyone enjoyed the event, and competitors gathered afterwards at the zone SeeFlyWalk (at the north end of Braidburn Valley Park) for the prizegiving. The overall winner was ESOCWalter, and woolly hats were awarded as prizes to:
Female Newcomer - ChoccyMuffin
Male Newcomer - JammyDognut
Top Junior - ESOCKisaKat

Finally there was a Crowdy at SeeFlyWalk, and several participants were delighted to get a new medal.

The event map, full results and a link to the graph mentioned by Kingslayer are available on the TurfEmbra09 Event page on the Turf website.
And you can read another account of the event on PlanetGary’s blog for 29 October.

Details of how a Turf event works are in this document: Participating in a Turf Event
Also see this news item for a report from the previous Turf event near Edinburgh.

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