Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

Volunteering Makes Orienteering Events HappenAnother item destined for August Capital O that was lost to the email gremlins

Can you help make an ESOC event happen?


Ewart Scott has thanked ESOC members elsewhere in Capital O and on our website for the enormous amount of excellent work carried out by ESOC members to enable the recent Scottish 6 Days (S6D) Highland 2015 to happen. Many ESOC members worked very hard indeed in a wide range of jobs over varying lengths of time to make sure the recent '6 Days' and the World Orienteering Championships (WOC) were successful. These two events combined to form the the biggest event ever held in the UK and ESOC members were an integral part of the organisation structure.

Our sport of orienteering would not exist at any level if it was not for the commitment of club members who give their time freely to volunteer to put on events. The recent S6D/WOC shone a spotlight on Scotland on the world orienteering stage and ESOC members were proud to be such an important part of this. The same people will however still be out there helping at the next local event to be held in Edinburgh. Every orienteering event is important and everyone's contribution, however small, is important.

We all hope the recent publicity orienteering has had in Scotland will encourage more people to take up the sport. The best place for newcomers to start is at local events where they can get a chance to see that orienteering has something for everyone, no matter their fitness level.

ESOC puts on local events on a regular basis, why not volunteer to come along and help? Every event has a job suitable for everyone and no contribution is too small. You could possibly even volunteer to help put on events and not even be there! There are plenty of administrative and advertising jobs that need done and there are also plenty of opportunities to help with applications for funding.

There is now a small Events sub-committee which looks after the running of our ESOC events. Just get in touch if you want to volunteer your time and skills. Contact Janet Clark, Margaret Dalgleish or Simon Firth for more information. All contact details are on the current ESOC Membership List.

Margaret Dalgleish