Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club

WOC Extra!

WOC Extra July 2024
WOC Extra July 2024
Credit: Walter Clark

WOC EXTRA! is an informal social and orienteering programme. The aim is very simple: to give you extra fun while you are in Edinburgh.

We can’t wait to welcome all WOC Tourists to Edinburgh. We hope you have an absolutely amazing time in Scotland and find lots of controls!
We hope WOC EXTRA! will enhance your overall experience of Scotland’s amazing capital city.
EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Come along and socialise, do more orienteering, or both! Whatever suits you is cool.

AND almost ALL of the orienteering maps you’ll run on with WOC EXTRA! are in central Edinburgh. You will build up an overall collection of city maps. These are adjacent/overlap and will create a huge mapped orienteering area for you as a souvenir of your time with us. A lot of the maps were mapped by the main WOC mappers.

Further information can be found here.

To access the Mapprun, you need to firstly download the Mapprun App. 

The courses are located in the folders: UK/Scotland/Edinburgh/WOC Extra!

There is a Long and a Short option of each day, use the appropriate map-run for which course you want to run.