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(NOT) Sprintelope is back!

This year using Maprun

The (not) Sprintelope League has restarted but using MapRun. Each week there will be a new event available in MapRun with a short and long course. The relevant week begins on Wednesdays. 

You can undertake the course at any time within the week and record your result via MapRun. Please remember to obey all current restrictions and do not arrange to meet others to undertake the event and please be  respectful to residents. Munro Leagues will create a League Table of results.

At the time of writing (21 July) week 3 is about to start. There will usually be a short and long course though it could be that on some occasions there will only be one map with the short course having a section cut out. The Sprintelope MapRuns are available in MapRun in the EdinburghO folder in a subfolder called Sprintelope.
PDF copies of the maps are available on the SOA website 

If you want to take part in the Sprintelopes but don't want to use MapRun - they will accept honesty punching and timing if you email the details to:   You can download and print off the map from the SOA website link given above. Note that on the SOA website the maps are in alphabetical order but, very helpfully, each has the first word of the map name as 'Sprintelope' so you can easily find them.

The best place to get up to date information about (not)Sprintelopes, including the area for each week, is via their Facebook pages.

Why not have a go?


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