Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


“Not the JK” 2019

Moncreiffe Hill, 21 April

Moncreiffe Hill is near Bridge of Earn, and is a major landmark on the M90 motorway when heading north. The south side of the hill has steep crags, and the northern side is gentler, with a mix of open and wooded land, and many paths. There are two iron-age hill forts, and fantastic views from the top of the hill. Parking and Registration were at the Woodland Trust car park at the NW end of the hill, with a walk uphill to the start.
The weather was very warm and sunny.

ESOC results in the top half for their course were:
  Blue (13 competitors) – Peter O’Hara 3rd, Jim Martin 4th, Clive Masson 5th, Finlay Ross 6th
  Green (16) – Richard Oxlade 1st, Leonne Hutchinson 7th
  Short Green (19) – Mary Williams 1st, Nick Hepworth 5th, Anne Thom 8th

Full results and other information about the event are available on the “Not the JK” event item on the TAY website.


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