Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


“Not the JK” 2022

Dundurn, 17 April

Dundurn is SE of St Fillans, on Loch Earn, in a beautiful setting, and was used for Day 3 of the Scottish 6 Days in 2019. It’s an area of ancient oak woodland and some more recent conifer plantations, with many crags, rocky knolls, marshes and intricate contours, steep in places. There were reports of mud and fallen trees adding to the challenge, plus many ticks. The weather was dry but cloudy.

ESOC results in the top half for their course were:
  Blue (17 competitors) – Donald Slater 2nd, Sabine Oechsner 5th
  Green (28) – Richard Oxlade 1st, Alison Cunningham 2nd, Margaret Dalgleish 6th
  Light Green (9) – Anne Hickling 4th

Full results and other information about the event are available on the Dundurn - Not the JK event item on the TAY website.


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