Edinburgh Southern Orienteering Club


Orienteering - the adventure sport for all

The new British Orienteering DVD “Orienteering - the adventure sport for all” is ideal for people who want to find out more about orienteerting, going to events and the skills required to progress.

The club has purchased a number of copies and these may be borrowed from the Club Captain on a sale & return basis; a deposit of £10 is required.


What is Orienteering? - A two minute snippet into the exciting world of orienteering.

Going to an Event - An introduction into what to expect at an orienteering event including what you need to wear and take with you, what courses are available at local events and how you complete a course.

Basic Techniques - An explanation of the basic skills that will help you get started and complete courses aimed at beginners (includes how to orientate your map, the basic symbols & colours used on an orienteering map and how to navigate around simple courses).

Advanced Tecniques -  An explanation of several advanced skills required to complete harder courses including how to use a compass, aiming off, attack points, pacing, route choice, basic contours and other land formations.

Learning Exercises for Groups - This section is designed to support school teachers/group leaders who have attended British Orinteering training courses. It demonstrates a series of proogressive exercises which can be used to teach the basic skills of orienteering to school children and groups.