3.45km 220m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Kirsten Strain ELO W21 33:48
2nd Chal Hanson   M45 37:24
3rd Chris Lewis ESOC M40 38:46
4th Jonathan Ellis ESOC M35 39:40
5th Helen Bridle   W35 40:32
6th Mark Wood ESOC M45 40:43
7th Mary Ross INT W40 46:23
8th Rona Lindsay ESOC W20 49:45
9th Michael Stewart ESOC M55 51:04
10th Martin Caldwell ESOC M60 53:38
11th Andrea Davison ESOC W35 57:49
12th Colin Smith LVO M45 59:53
13th Aaron MacLeod     61:25
14th Steve Ambler INT M65 72:31
15th Calvin Crane ESOC M55 78:12
16th Bill Melville TAY M70 78:28
17th Hannah Cooper   W35 79:30
18th Yvan Petilot   M45 81:23
19th Elizabeth Loffill GUOC W25 81:29
20th Trina Rogerson ELO W60 87:56
21st David and Michael McPhillips ESOC M12 90:15
m19 Sheila Strain ELO W65 59:15
m4-21 Paul Davidson   M65 79:30



1.925km 170m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Matthew Ross and Andrew Nash INT M12 30:44
2nd Rachel Kirkland INT W40 35:21
3rd Rachel Brown ESOC W12 35:31
4th Kerena Mitchel ESOC W45 44:51
5th Heine Family     45:56
6th Adamson Family     53:11
7th James McEuan and Jamie Graham ESOC M10 59:15
8th Garnie Family     63:58
9th Sam Woods ESOC W35 71:03
10th Beavers family     72:50
11th Allen Family     75:22
12th Davidson Family     82:55
13th Camille Gordon and Aleksander     88:29
m9 rtd McGillivray Family      
m9 rtd Hargreaves Family      
m6-8 m11-15 Cheryl and Erin Laird     61:37
w1 Cameron, Euan and Lewis Laird     62:16
m2 Stott Family     96:37



1.225km 75m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Matthew Ross and Andrew Nash   M12 11:29
2nd Parish and Gemmell Family     14:55
3rd Snaith and Philip Family     16:50
4th= Alastair and Kirsty Hume     19:36
4th= Alison and Ross Hume     19:36
6th Langhorn and Ollisay Family     20:04
7th Cara Hargreaves     20:07
8th Rhianna Mitchel ESOC W12 20:20
9th Philip Family     21:40
10th Blyth Family     24:04
11th Dall Family     24:11
12th Jenifer Heine   W12 24:24
13th Lisa Munro and Holly Hunt     27:50
14th Agathe and Oscar Petillot     27:53
15th Rowe Family     28:21
16th McCarthy Family     30:44
17th Wake Family     31:20
18th= Booth Family     32:50
18th= Johnny Booth     32:50
20th Sandra and Dean Clapperton     33:14
21st Robinson Family     34:23
22nd Browning Family     35:06
23rd James Moxey and Angela Tregear     36:06
24th Jane and Charlie Bolt   M5 36:08
25th Pearce Family     37:43
26th Falconer Family     40:49
27th Robetson Family     43:18
28th Dunbar-Jones Family     46:24
29th Pryde Family     47:52
30th Patrow Family     60:39
31st Barbra and Ben davidson ESOC M35 69:22



0.9km 55m

Pos Name Club Age Class Time
1st Ross Family INT   10:16
2nd Graeme Ross INT M40 10:22
3rd Badenoch Family     12:17
4th Rachael and Nicola Nask     12:54
5th Megan Brown ESOC W10 16:10
6th Ethan and Graham Hirst     19:08
7th Robertson Family ESOC   22:12
8th Sophie and Kirsty McBirnie     30:11
9th Murray Family     33:43
10th Alex and Euan-Murray Peden     34:47
11th Hamson and Strong Family     38:38