Course 2

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Pos Name Club Age Class Time Penalty
1st Andrew Lindsay ESOC M21 9:40  
2nd Laura Robertson     9:48  
3rd Richard Purkis SAX M21 10:14  
4th Andrew Dalgleish ESOC M21 10:36  
5th Graeme Ackland INT M50 11:21  
6th Rona Lindsay ESOC W21 11:43  
7th Graeme Ross INT M40 12:17  
8th Alistair Hindle ESOC M40 12:18  
9th Terry Johnstone ESOC M45 12:32  
10th Paul Caban INT M50 12:42  
11th Jonathan Ellis ESOC M35 13:20  
12th Ian Maxwell RR M55 13:33  
13th Patrick Bartlett INT M45 13:59  
14th Martin Quirke   M35 14:06 2:00
15th Graham Haley INT M50 14:26  
16th Mary Ross INT W40 14:29  
17th Ann Haley INT W50 14:31  
18th Jane Ackland INT W50 14:34  
19th Heather Thomson ESOC W40 14:57  
20th Lindsey Knox     14:59  
21st Martin Caldwell ESOC M60 15:35  
22nd Eileen Maxwell RR W50 16:15  
23rd Ben Brown ESOC M14 16:32 2:00
24th Fiona Hendrie FVO W55 16:33  
25th Rachel Brown ESOC W12 16:42  
26th Ian Pyrah ESOC M70 17:39  
27th Leonne Hutchinson ESOC W45 17:42  
28th Laura Hendrie FVO W20 17:52  
29th Colin Riley     18:08  
30th Matthew Ross INT M12 18:57  
31st Catherine Rooney RR W55 18:59  
32nd Simon Riley     19:03  
33rd Sheila Strain ELO W65 19:06  
34th Patrick Squire INT M65 19:09  
35th Margaret Dalgleish ESOC W60 19:56  
36th Trina Rogerson ELO W60 20:18  
37th Mark Kassyk ESOC M55 20:35  
38th Andrea Davison ESOC W35 20:36  
39th Jamie Lawlor ESOC M12 20:47  
40th Roger Scrutton ESOC M65 20:50 2:00
41st Leslie Dalgleish ESOC M65 20:52  
42nd Eleanor Pyrah ESOC W70 21:12  
43rd Bill Melville     22:16  
44th Leah Bartlett INT W12 22:34  
45th Angela Dixon TAY W50 22:54  
46th Jim Clark ESOC   23:47  
47th Robin Strain ELO M65 24:19 8:00
48th Sam Bartlett     25:21  
49th Charles and Rachel Young     25:32  
50th Iona and Duncan Riley IND   26:46  
51st Calum and David Robertson     26:49  
52nd Susan Twissell INT W45 28:16  
53rd Debbie Riley IND W50 32:04 4:00
54th Rebecca and Thomas Young     32:06  
55th Megan Brown ESOC W10 33:29  
56th Katherine, Stuart, Anthony, Christopher IND   39:00  
57th Pere, Alba, Albert Tenesa     64:29 4:00